Can I start by saying I am so so so sorry if this sounds like I’m bragging cause I really really don’t mean it to sound that way, I’m just still really excited by it all.

My friend, Sarah, managed to get me tickets to the 1D concert in the VIP box. As someone who gets anxiety in large crowds and loves 1D, this meant a lot to me.

Thankfully the bar (bottom picture) was free all night so I binged on lemonade like the rockstar that I am and the buffet (third picture) featured things like caviar which is too posh for me so I ordered chocolate ice cream with marshmellows oo.

If we wanted to actually watch the concert instead of sitting on the sofas we had our own little seating area (second picture) and it was lovely.

I also met the chief executive of ITV (considering i’m studying film & tv that was cool) and I was giving a load of bs about how dedicated I am to film and tv and how much i love it and then five minutes later he heard me screaming about 1D.

I’m writing this all more to remind myself cause I know as soon as I fall asleep I will forget and just thank you so so much to Sarah!<3